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Welcome to my new blog, Stephen Sovie's Blog.  This blog is similar to my old blog, Steveso Thinks.  I have had that blog since 2011, but will not be updating it as often.  The content of Stephen Sovie's Blog will continue to center on those social issues I feel deeply for and will tilt towards liberal politics. I will also comment on daily life from my perspective.

You may notice that I will not have a "comments" section because I don't want to spend my time arguing with people who find fault with my opinions.  I really don't care if you disagree with me.  What I write here are my thoughts and opinions.  If you want to express opposing views, start your own blog.

For over a year and a half, I have been writing articles for Medium.com, where I have been able to earn some pocket change, something I have not been able to do writing blogs.  Medium members pay a $5 monthly fee to become Medium Partner Program members where they can read as many articles as they want. They also can publish articles on the site to earn money.  This membership money is divided up, according to an algorithm, among members who write those articles. The more you write, and the more people read your articles, the more you earn.  I am retired and I did not want to spend all day and night writing articles just to make a bit of extra cash. With more and more writers joining the group, the entire site became a rat race, which made it more difficult to find articles I was interested in reading and finding followers who cared for what I wrote.  Many of the articles were mere trash, submitted only to make a few cents.

At first, I enjoyed reading and writing on Medium very much and have met some great writers on the site, some of whom I consider friends. In the past 5 or 6 months, I discovered I was writing more while earning less. But I was also enjoying it much less. After I paid my monthly membership of $5 I was making around $15 to $20 a month.  A few weeks ago I decided I didn't want to play games on Medium anymore. I wasn't going to bust my ass writing 10 hours a day to earn maybe 50 cents a day.  I really didn't care about the money, but I did care that the site made if virtually impossible for others to find my work.  I didn't need the stress simply to voice my concerns and opinions.
That's when I decided either to put all of my energies into Steveso Thinks or start a similar but completely new blog.  Since Steveso Thinks was 11 years old I decided to start all over again with Stephen Sovie's Blog.

I realize I won't make much money if any, but I feel for my happiness this is the right decision.  Soon I will try to monetize this site with AdSense, Infolinks, or by accepting contributions to pay for the maintenance of the blog.  If you see fit I would appreciate your contributions.  If not, no problem.  But If you like what you read please follow my blog and subscribe to receive future posts.  If you care to see what I have written on Medium you view my profile here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you decide to follow me.

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