I Don't Watch the News Because I'm Not Afraid of COVID-19

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I've always liked to watch the news to keep abreast of current events, winter storms, politics, and business.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, I feel it is particularly important to be aware of what is happening during the course of the disease.  Not only to learn how to keep me and my family safe but also to be informed of the facts and learn how to dispel rumors and misinformation. I try to avail myself of the information provided by WHO, the CDC, and the major news outlets. I avoid Fox News and of course any information coming from Trump or any members of his administration, as throughout this crisis the have disseminated nothing but conspiracy theories, misinformation, and outright lies, solely to protect Trump and his re-election chances.

A little more than 2 months into the pandemic and over 80,000 deaths, and rising, I am amazed at the ignorance of a large number of Americans who don't want to know about what's really going on.  It's almost as if over 1,300,000 sick people and 80,000 dead Americans mean nothing, as people are willing to gamble with their own lives, as well as their children and loved ones by refusing to be informed. 

When social distancing and wearing of masks were mandated by most states and businesses began to shut down, and schools were closed most people seemed to be supportive and seemed to understand the reasons for such actions.  However, those people living in rural areas where the virus has yet to take hold complained that only New York City and other large metropolitan areas should be made to follow the recommendations of the CDC and most governors.  Instead of believing medical professionals and seeking information from the CDC, WHO, and the MSM they listened to the fools at Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and worse yet, Trump.  Instead of listening to the oftentimes disturbing truth from the experts, they chose to risk their lives by listening to lies and fairy tales that were more palatable to them. 

After only a few weeks the numbers of these ignorant fools began to grow, with the support of the ignorant fool in The White House. Groups of white, so-called militiamen, armed with assault weapons and even grenade launchers forced their way into statehouses in several states in protest of the shutdown of business and regulations requiring social distancing and the wearing of masks in public.  They protested that their freedom was being taken away by the regulations and apparently insisted upon being given their freedom to die or to cause the deaths of their neighbors and loved ones.

Here, in my community in Upstate New York, I now am seeing comments on social media and hearing comments from my neighbors, as we practice social distancing, complaining about having to continue with the recommendations.  I have heard people who are teachers complaining about school being closed and if it reopens being required to wear a mask while they are teaching.  They show absolutely no regard to the health and safety of their students, much less their own children.  They are not even aware that in New York City and some other areas of the country children are exhibiting previously unknown severe symptoms related to COVID-19.  When I raise the question of the necessity for the regulations, stating facts, I receive responses indicating they don't watch or pay attention to the news! How dangerous and irresponsible! Especially for parents and teachers.

In New York, the governor has issued an order that those people who cannot pay their rent cannot be evicted until August. People here are upset with this action and criticize the governor for causing hardship for the landlords.  Not a frigging thought for the families and children who would be thrown out of their homes into the streets because they can't pay their rent!  These are most likely the same people who didn't raise an eyebrow as children were either put in cages in camps along our southern border or ripped from the arms of their parents.  

I cannot fathom how anyone could watch the numbers of deaths increase daily, or watch pictures of bodies piling up in New York City, or grandparents dying alone in nursing homes, or people in hospitals struggling to breathe on ventilators, or doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals working to the point of exhaustion, and still not believe in the danger and severity of this virus and not giving a damn.

As states are beginning to open up, against the advice of medical professionals, people are flocking to the beaches, restaurants and other crowded venues, the numbers of cases in rural America are spiking, especially in Red states.  Meatpacking plants in the midwest are the new hotspots for the coronavirus and workers are being forced to stay on the job without adequate protection.  Trump wants them open, so they're going to stay open. He doesn't care because the employees are immigrants with brown skin.

I cannot understand the behavior of the American people. I can't help but think of what our grandparents went through during the Great Depression when the government didn't give any assistance whatsoever.  I can't help but think of what our parents, and grandparents went through in World War II when they had no choice but to fight and defend our country.  The Great Depression lasted 10 years and the US fought in WWII for 4 years.  But the American people can't wear a mask or refrain from eating in restaurants or getting their hair cut or nails done for a few months to protect themselves or their families?  What a disgrace!

With people clamoring to go back to work and out into public gathering places with the support of Trump and his sympathetic GOP governors, the stage will be set for the apocalyptic second wave of COVID-19. If you think we weren't prepared before, we're certainly not going to be prepared then.  It won't be just Trump and his Republican regime responsible for the second wave, but the American people will also share the blame, with their arrogance, laziness, ignorance, and lack of responsibility.

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