Republicans are Like Bad Athletes

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If they don’t have the balls they should get out of the game.

For more than 3 years our country has been engaged in sort of a game where Donald Trump, the illegitimately elected president of the United States has been playing to destroy the Constitution, the rule of law, and the poor and middle classes of our country. He is playing to cement the place of the wealthiest class in halls of power, as well as solidifying the dominance of Christian, white supremacy in our society.

Part of his game has been to roll back the rights that minorities, such as Blacks, Hispanics, the LGBTQ community, the handicapped, et al have struggled to achieve over many years. He has been succeeding not only in rolling back those rights but legalizing outright discrimination and demonization of minorities.  He has especially targeted immigrants, those from African or South American countries while ignoring those from predominantly white and Christian countries.

Suddenly Trump is confronted by an opponent he can't bully, intimidate, or buy off. Covid-19. And that virus is taking its toll on him, as well as the economy and the rest of the country.   As of this writing, over 74,000 Americans have died, and more are dying every day, more people are unemployed now that during the Great Depression, schools are shuttered, our healthcare system is bursting at the seams, and children and families are beginning to go hungry.

The longer this pandemic progresses the more we know about how Trump has screwed up the government's response to the virus.  Or should I say lack of response?  At first, he called the pandemic a hoax, then he said it would all be over in a month, then he blamed the spread of the virus and the deaths on the Democrats, then he blamed Obama, then he blamed China. He publically announced that he shared no responsibility for the spread of the virus.

We soon learned that the Obama administration had a pandemic response team in place to prevent the spread of the virus, but Trump dismantled the entire team solely because Obama had formed it.  We then discovered that Trump was warned several times in early January that a pandemic was imminent. Yet Trump did nothing.
Instead, he blamed the WHO for not warning the world of the coming pandemic.

We then learned that Germany had offered Covid-19 tests to the United States, but Trump refused them, instead insisting the US develop its own tests. As the rest of the world had developed testing programs for its citizens, Trump was touting tests and cures that did not exist.  He then started his daily coronavirus briefings that were nothing but mini-campaign rallies where Trump rambled on for hours attacking the press, Democrats, China, Obama, and anyone who disagreed with his lies and misinformation.  He even had the balls to attack the scientists and medical professionals who were risking their lives to save the country from this deadly virus.

As people were dying and hospitals were overburdened with Covid-19 patients, especially in New York City, front line medical professionals were begging for medical supplies, such as PPE's and ventilators, Trump was lying that they were on the way.  In reality, they didn't exist.  The Trump administration has given them to China, Russia, and Europe.  Hospitals were fighting the battle of the virus with no weapons.   In response to the pleas for needed supplies, Trump names his useless son-in-law Jared Kushner to take charge of the national stockpile of medical supplies.  

As the virus waged battle with the country, Trump refused to take a leadership roll in battling the disease.  He handed that responsibility over to the governors of the individual states. Then it became apparent that the states that needed the help the most just happened to be Blue states.  True to his disgusting form, Trump gave the help to the Red states that didn't need the help.  Kushner's supplies were given out, not according to need, but according to which states supported Trump.

Then the battle turned to an economic battle, with Trump striving to save the economy at the expense of the lives of Americans.  The first stimulus package ended up benefitting big corporations, not small businesses.  Once again large corporations were bailed out at the expense of everyone else.  Each American received a meager $1200 each to pay for rent, food, and expenses.  And this was to last until the end of the pandemic!  This stimulus package was not won without a fight from the Republicans who wanted to deny the average person assistance while giving more to big businesses.

After Trump was criticized for touting a dangerous drug as a treatment for Covid-19 and suggesting people drink bleach to kill the virus, he quit having his mini-rallies, at least for a couple of days. He soon started up again, but with less time spent having the scientists speaking.  He switched his game plan to saving the economy rather than saving the lives of the American people.  As a result, future stimulus packages will not include helping the worker but helping the stock market, in order to aid Trump's re-election.

As the death toll continues to climb Trump's sycophants in Red states are reopening their states to business and abandoning social distancing recommendations.  With Trump's support, his armed protesters have stormed state houses of some states demanding to have the right to not wear masks and no social distance.  In those states where they have reopened the number of cases has begun to spike.  But Trump sees this as a necessary evil to save the economy.  People have actually been shot and killed trying to enforce the CDC rules on social distancing and masks and Trump has said nothing.

From the very first case of Covid-19 when Trump called it a Democratic hoax, to the present day, where the number of cases and deaths are increasing, we have received nothing but lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories, and blatantly corrupt handling of the pandemic.  Everything Trump has done in handling this virus has been done with his re-election in mind.  We have discovered that Trump cares nothing about us. He only cares about Donald J. Trump and his money.

Every day, in regards to the pandemic we see nothing but incompetence and corruption. Trump continues to downplay the severity of the pandemic and trivialize the role of scientists in fighting this disease while gutting the CDC even more than he has. But there are other things happening that are not receiving much attention.  Today the Trump's Justice Department dropped charges against Trump traitor friend Michae Flynn.  Many of the environmental policies formulated under Obama to protect our environment have been put on hold or done away with.  Trump is quietly but successfully attacking the rights of minorities such as the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and those of color. Voting rights are particularly under attack as we near the presidential election.

Even though social distancing is enforced or encouraged in Washington, DC, Mitch McConnell has called back the Senate, not to legislate more financial help for small businesses and the average American, but to push through more conservative judges friendly the Trump agenda.  No help for economically struggling Americans.  No help for small businesses. No help for hospitals and those on the front line in the fight to stop Covid-19.  Just help to keep the GOP and Trump in power.

Amidst all of this corruption, lies, incompetence, death and dying, attacks on the Constitution, and the rule of law there has been nothing but absolute silence from the Republicans. If they've lifted their voices at all, it has only been to oppose any kind of help for the poor and middle classes, the average American worker.  

There have been very few reports of Republicans openly daring to disagree with Trump.  Disagreeing with the Orange Dictator will result in a Twitter tirade in retaliation.  For the most part, the Republican Senate is scared shitless of Trump and will cowardly allow this moronic madman to destroy our country, our reputation, and our way of life.

As of now, it appears that Trump is winning this deadly game because he is the only one trying.  The opposing team, the Democrats and responsible Republicans haven't even taken the field.  We have 7 more months to play this game, which will end in the election of 2020. I hope we get to the election before Trump has destroyed us all.  For all those cowardly Republicans and meek Democrats please grow a pair of testicles and get back in the game.  You're not 5 years old anymore, so those nasty comments and nicknames from Trump won't hurt you.  You're supposed to play for the American people, not the Trump family.

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