These Are Not Easy Times to Raise Children


A neighbor friend of mine just posted something on Facebook about how perplexing it is to explain what is happening in Minneapolis, with the rioting and looting over the murder of a Black citizen by the police.  Her post was sympathetic to George Floyd the man who was killed by the policemen, as were the comments.  Everyone commenting decried the violence and looting, some suggesting that more peaceful ways of protesting the murder should have been utilized.  My God how ignorant can these people be?

Does anyone remember Colin Kaepernick taking a knee in protest of all the Black men and children killed by police? That peaceful demonstration worked out well didn't it?  Led by the racist lardass in the White House, bigots and racists all over the country whipped out their American flags and weapons to condemn Kaepernick and the rest of those players who took a knee to protest the injustices suffered my Blacks at the hands of the police.  It's okay to take a knee on the neck of a Black man to kill him, but it's not okay to take a knee to protest racism!

I too condemn the violence and the looting, but sometimes when all else fails desperate and fearful people see no other choices. I'd like to point out that in watching newscasts of the looters, many were white. Of course, divisive Donny took to Twitter to rally his supporters and the police to meet the protesters, peaceful or not, with gunshots. His answer to for killing over 100,000 Americans in his incompetent response to the Covid-19 pandemic is to incite a race war to deflect the country's attention away from his failings. 

With hundreds of thousands of people and their families suffering from the Coronavirus, and Black families suffering from the loss of family members due to police violence, Trump is throwing a tantrum over being fact-checked over his lying Tweets on Twitter.  Within a matter of hours, he issued an Executive Order attempting to stifle Twitter and other social media platforms if they dare to criticize him or call him out on his lies. If only he had acted this fast to stop the spread of Covid-19 or make an attempt to address the acts of violent racism that are becoming too common in our country today.

Yes, it is difficult to try to explain what is happening today to our children and to hope they understand the reasons for some people's behavior. But it isn't just what is happening in Minneapolis or any other city where our fellow Americans are being killed by those who are given the responsibility of protecting us, solely because their skin is Black.  It's the whole damn Trump presidency!

What do parents say to their children when they hear the President of the United States mock handicapped people, or denigrate women, or call African countries shithole countries?  What do you say to them when they hear Trump bully people because of their weight, or height or he makes racist remarks about people's religion or ethnicity?  How do you explain that they shouldn't give demeaning nicknames to their friends and classmates when they hear Trump do it almost every day?  Lastly, how do you punish your children for lying when they hear their president lie in almost every public statement he makes?   They must be confused as hell when they listen to their priests, rabbis, ministers, or imams preach love and acceptance of our neighbors and relate the lessons of the Ten Commandments!

How will children react when they study American history and read about the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary War?  The people who fought to separate from England and form our country tried peaceful means to obtain their rights but failed in those attempts.  Revolution was their only recourse.  Good luck in explaining this to your kids!  Parents have a tough job trying to teach their kids responsibility, kindness, honesty, charity, and acceptance, and love, but having an amoral, racist, misogynist, ignorant, narcissist, moron as president only makes the job more difficult.

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