You Think Our Problems Will Be Over on November 3? Don't Count on It!

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To many people, this coming November 3, election day, is the answer to our prayers.  The end of an American nightmare, of the most heinous, corrupt, hated, immoral, treasonous and, lethal presidencies in our history. The man who was elected president with the help of Russia, even after receiving millions of votes less than his opponent can finally be removed from office.  But will it really happen?

Let's not forget that this illegitimate orange bastard was impeached by the Democratic House of Representatives for trying to secure the help of a foreign power to help him rig his re-election, but the Republican Senate refused to remove him from office, in an attempt to remain in power and further benefit from his administration's corruption.  Most, if not all Republicans are terrified of Trump's retribution if they criticize him or they are complicit in his illegal and corrupt activities.  By refusing to remove Trump from office the Republicans, in essence, gave Trump permission to do whatever he wanted, whether it be legal or not.

Since then he has been attacking anyone who testified against him and has succeeded in removing them from their positions in the government.  Public servants were punished for doing their jobs by telling the truth.  Meanwhile, the Republicans sit on their collective asses letting him destroy the Constitution and the rule of law.

Even during the pandemic with a massive loss of American lives and hundreds of thousands suffering from the coronavirus, because of Trump's inactions and incompetence, the Republicans dare not criticize the Liar-in-Chief. Trump has blamed anyone and everyone for his failures, refusing to accept any responsibility for his ineptness.  As people continue to die, Trump continues to lie and deflect.  His re-election is much more important than the health and the lives of Americans!

During the past few years as we all have been forced to endure Trump's racism, sexism, corruption, and hate many people have found solace in the fact that there will be a presidential election on November 3, 2020.  As Trump's poll numbers continue to be dismal people feel confident that he will not be re-elected. But remember that's the way we felt in 2016 when the fat assed dictator was elected at the surprise of us all, and even him too.

What could go wrong in 2020?  First of all, an election has to take place.  Already, shithead, Jared Kushner has suggested that he might have to cancel the election as if he or anyone else could cancel the election.  Only the House of Representatives can cancel and election and only for good reason.  Don't be surprised though if Trump and his thugs try to cancel it.  Rest assured if he tries this stunt the Republicans won't do a frigging thing to stop him.

Trump knows that once he officially leaves office he most likely will be indicted and end up in prison, along with many of his family members and cronies.  He will fight like a rabid cornered animal to prevent this from happening. He will use any means at his disposal to win this election, regardless of how illegal it is or how many people will die along the way.  Already he has taken over the Justice Department with his toadie Barr in charge, making sure Trump's opponents are jailed or otherwise made irrelevant.  Barr has already stated that no investigation of the President or his administration can be conducted without his knowledge and permission.

Trump has managed to fire each and every Inspector General who could possibly offer any oversight on his actions or could testify against him. Once again the GOP remains silent as Trump destroys the rule of law.  With his poll numbers evaporating and the death toll from Covid-19 Trump is becoming more and more terrified and bolder and bolder in his attempt to hold his grasp on power and stay out of jail.

This upcoming election will not only be the most important one in our history but it will be the most dangerous and probably be the most violent one.  It is no secret that Trump's supporters include the least desirable of our society, among them racists, white supremacists, bigots, nazis, and haters of all stripes. All during his presidency, he has stoked the flames of fear and hatred among his supporters to gain the admiration he so desperately craves.  He will not shy away from inciting violence among his supporters if he sees it can be a benefit to his campaign. He's done it before when the stakes have not been as high as they are now.

One situation that we could possibly face this election that has never even been considered before, is what happens if or when he loses?  If he loses on November 3 he still will remain in office until January 20, 2021.  Knowing how vindictive Trump is and always has been it can almost be a sure bet that he will turn to a scorched earth policy as he exits his office.  There's also a possibility that he will try to declare the election null and void and refuse to vacate the Oval Office. Unless the Republicans grow a set of testicles they will do nothing to stop him. This will lead to an extremely serious Constitutional crisis and most likely violence as he will stir up his cultist followers to keep him in office.

We all like to think that this coming November will be a cure for all of our fears and problems and this helps to reduce our feelings of anger and stress.  Truthfully though with the November election, we are entering uncharted and possibly dangerous waters.  Let's hope we will survive as a nation in 2021.

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