There's Nothing Really New in Mary Trump's Book

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Yesterday, after numerous attempts by Donald Trump's lawyers, Mary Trump's revealing book about her Uncle Donald ("Too Much and Never Enough: HowMy Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man")was finally available to the public.  As expected there are many facts about Donald's early years, his relationships with his parents, his siblings, and other members of the family.  They, as expected are not very flattering to the orange moron. 

I will not attempt to summarize the revelations in the book but will leave that up to readers of this blog to investigate through news releases or by reading the book, itself.  All I can say is that for everyone reading the book, either in its entirety or reading synopses of the book there are no bombshell revelations.  We all knew that Trump is and always has been a disgusting, cowardly, narcissistic, amoral, bigoted, racist, unintelligent, corrupt, lying man-child, with no redeeming human qualities.

I say that people reading the book will realize that there's nothing new, knowing full well that those in his cultist base will not read the book, even if they were intellectually capable of doing so. Without reading either the book or summaries of the book they will, as Donald himself has done, vehemently deny every little piece of information revealed by Mary Trump.  This also will not be anything new because all of this disgusting depraved behavior described in the book and attributed to Donald Trump is exactly what his supporters love about him.  It is nevertheless a good read that reaffirms our knowledge and beliefs, both about Trump and about his followers.

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  1. Right on every front, Stephen. I’m sure this will just corroborate everything we already knew but my husband and I couldn’t resist getting the book. It’s gotta be a fun read! 😉


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