What the Hell is Wrong With Google Ads?

For anyone reading this blog, it is quite obvious that in no way do I support the present occupant of the White House, Donald Trump.  I consider him to be an illegitimate president, as well as being the vilest, most disgusting, most racist, most homophobic, most corrupt, most amoral, most misogynist, most divisive, most evil person to ever occupy the Oval office.  He stands right up there with Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Pol Pot, Vladimir Putin, and all of the rest of humanity's revolting despots, whom Trump adores and tries to emulate.

So why does Google keep putting pro-Trump ads on my posts?  I am trying to have these offensive ads removed.  Please be patient as I deal with AdChoice to remedy this situation and disregard the Trump propaganda.

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