Will It Kill You to Be Nice? I'm Sick of Christian Bigots.

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Sunday my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. 
As is our habit we posted photos of our dinner on Facebook as well as our personal greetings to each other on this, our special day. It was our way of sharing our happiness with our family and friends.

It was so enjoyable and heartwarming for us to read the congratulations and well wishes from our family and friends, of all ages, races, and religions from all over the world.  For three days our friends and neighbors shared in our happiness with their heartfelt greetings. Reading all of the responses on Facebook was very calming and reassuring in this troubled world.  We even received numerous congratulations from my fellow writers of Medium where I posted my feelings about our anniversary, I Have an Uneasy Feeling.

Reading all of the congratulatory responses I noticed something odd. We received notes from our family and friends from all over this country, Malaysia, Singapore, England, and Australia. We received congratulations from all of our neighbors who knew we were celebrating our anniversary. Except for one.

That one neighbor is the one person who wears her Christianity on her sleeve.  She is the one who thinks nothing of covering her Facebook posts on showing how good a "Christian " she is.  She always lets people know how she professes Christs's love in everything she does. Of course, this does not pertain to anyone considered to be transgender, a Democrat, a Biden supporter, a pro-choice advocate, or a member of the LGBTQ community.

This is the person who has told me she does not support our right to be married, but as her church teaches her she must treat us as human beings. This is the same person who, even though her church teaches abstinence from alcohol, readily swills alcohol at neighborhood parties, as long as it's free.

This is the same person who has asked permission and was granted it,  for her and her children to use our pool on hot days.  This was the same person who was welcomed into our home to share our food and drink when we first moved in.  This is the same person who always sends her children to our door when they are selling candy and magazines for their school functions or trick or treating on Halloween.

This is the same person who cuts through our yard with her children on their way to another neighbor's house. This is the same person who gladly accepts peaches from our peach tree and advice from my husband on cooking or computer related issues. 

This is also the same person whose property we have never been invited to set foot upon.  The same person who, along with her husband, will sit by, watch, and do nothing to help, as my older neighbors or myself struggle to free our cars from snow and ice during heavy snowstorms.

This is the same person who congratulated another neighbor couple on their anniversary almost immediately after the couple posted it on Facebook. Not a word of recognition for our anniversary in five days!

Am I pissed?  Am I bitter?  You're damn right I am!  Two frigging little words, "Happy Anniversary", and this hypocritical, bigoted, fake Christian bitch couldn't bring herself to treat us like anyone else and utter those words!

Thinking about this intentional slight I decided to unfriend her and re-evaluate my relationship with her and her family.  For a few minutes, I thought I could forget her slight, but no, I'm fed up with Christian bigots using the Bible to justify their hate.  My feelings and my actions may to some seem petty, but I am a human being with every right to live and love the same as everyone else.  I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen or less than a living, breathing, feeling, human being.

For a second I thought I was being unfair to her children by deciding not to buy the magazines and candy they push every school year, but I am sure they are being taught the same bigotry and hatred that their parents espouse and will grow up to be the same fake Christians as their parents.  She and her family are users and hypocrites and have no place in my and my husband's lives.   

One trait runs true for all of the Trump-supporting Christian bigots in this country - hatred supersedes human decency.  Well, I for one have had enough of them and their vitriol. I want nothing to do with any of them.

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  1. Agreed. As someone who follows Christ's teachings myself, I literally cannot comprehend how someone can say they readily support Trump and his nonsense AND call themselves Christian - like, have you ACTUALLY read The Bible or just spouting generic memes?


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