To My Trump Supporting Acquaintances: Okay What is it About Trump That You Like?



    With the publication of some of Trump's tax returns by the New York Times proving that Trump is indeed a fraud, a tax cheat, and in debt owing hundreds of millions of dollars and Trump's abhorring behavior in last night's shit show, I am still amazed at how any sane person can still support him.  Yet approximately 1/3 of the country supports him. 

    I am disgusted with Trump's lying, his corruption, his extreme narcissism, his racism, his misogyny, his bigotry, his homophobia, his rudeness, and his lack of morals.  He doesn't represent anything I value and stand for.  So naturally, I am puzzled why anyone would support him or agree with his policies and behavior.  Notice that in the title of this article I used "acquaintances" instead of "friends".  The reason for this choice of words is that I cannot count anyone who supports Trump as a friend.

     When Trump refused to condemn the violent actions of white supremacists and the Proud Boys and even said, "Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by" a clear message was sent to his supporters that he was a white supremacist.  Anyone hearing him say this and who still supports him has also identified themselves to be white supremacists too. 

Before last night's debate, I wanted to ask several questions to Trump supporters to understand their support for him. So I will go ahead and ask anyway.

Is it the fact that he is a pathological liar that you like?  Or perhaps do you like that he has been married three times and cheated on each and every one of his wives?  Or that he has paid off a prostitute he slept with while his third wife was pregnant with his fourth child?  Or do you like how he mocks handicapped people to fire up his rally attendees? Or perhaps you like him because he belittles women and "grabs them by the pussy"?

Maybe it's the overt racism you like when he refers to Mexicans as criminals and rapists and demonizes immigrants, but only from "white countries".  Maybe you love it when he separates children from their parents at the border and puts the children in cages where they suffer from illness and sexual abuse.  Maybe you like it when he takes away rights from the LGBTQ community and bans them from the military.  I'm sure you probably love it when he and his personal attorney Barr attack the voting rights of people of color, making it virtually impossible for them to exercise their rights as citizens.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that you patriotic flag-waving bible thumpers probably love Trump calling American servicemen who served and died for their country "losers" and "suckers".  I know you prefer draft dodgers who hide in a bunker while others serve their country. I know you consider Americans to be those just like you, white and Christian. All others are not real Americans, right?

You love the fact that he is a millionaire, a fact that has now been disproven.  Did you think if he would become president you too could share in his wealth? I bet you did.  Guess what.  He's been screwing you over ever since he took office.  That big tax cut went to the top 1%, not you.  His weekly golf trips to his resorts are paid for by you.  The frequent trips his kids take for their business?  Those too are paid for by you.  And how about that booming stock market?  How many of you are making a fortune from that?  Let's face it, he wouldn't let you step foot inside one of his golf resorts!

To be truthful I didn't need to ask you Trump cultists these questions to understand why you support him.  I've known for a long time. You like him because he hates the same people you do!  You too are white supremacists, racists, and bigots! You're full of hate and self-loathing and are looking for someone to blame for your shortcomings.

By the way, about the picture, I used in this article.  Some may say that it is in poor taste.  The truth is that people like this do exist.  Not only in the backwoods of Appalachia, but just a short drive from your comfy white suburban neighborhoods. Get out of your comfort zones and take that drive into the country near where you live.  You'll find them living in ramshackle houses proudly displaying Trump 2020 signs!

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