When It Comes to Trump and Covid I'm Very Skeptical

Image by mohamed matar from Pixabay 

It's been a few days since the announcement that Donald Trump has tested positive for COVID-19.  Like many Americans who have been subjected to his daily onslaught of lies for almost four years, I was extremely skeptical.  I know that Trump and the GOP would do anything to ensure Trump is re-elected.  The alternatives for Trump are prison time and bankruptcy.

At first I was almost sure that Trump was pulling a political stunt to control the 24/7 news coverage to overshadow Biden, as well as drawing attention away from his tax problems, the over 210K deaths from the Trump virus, and the tape of Melania bitching about the "fucking Christmas decorations" and mocking immigrant children in cages.

Knowing that Trump is just a has-been reality show star I felt that he and his cronies could easily fabricate a hoax about Trump testing positive for COVID-19.  The GOP would gladly fall on their collective swords to honor their Fuhrer. He could easily blackmail close Trump associates to go along with the plan and lie about testing positive.  The "Rose Garden Massacre", which was orchestrated  to push Trump's nominee to replace the late Justice Ginsberg, Amy Coney Barret has become ground zero for the spread of the virus through the White House. How could this be staged?  I still didn't trust that Trump was positive. 

As Trump was admitted to Walter Reed I still had very strong doubts. Then I began seeing Trump's closest associates drop like flies to the Trump virus.  Even Melania was positive, but as we all know she would do anything for the money.  As staged photos of Trump working from his hospital room appeared, I was even more confused.  He obviously was signing blank sheets of papers, but he was wearing the same clothes he was wearing when he was admitted.  How could this be?  They should have been taken from him and disinfected.

Rolling out his osteopathic doctor with updates contributed to my doubts about the authenticity of his illness.  Information about his condition was sparse and contradictory. Even his treatment regimen was confusing.  Then came the now infamous ride around the block so the fat ass could wave to the morons still supporting him.  The limo driver and all the Secret Service men sworn to protect Trump were exposed to Covid, just so the wannabe dictator could have a photo op.

With each passing day more and more of Trump's inner circle and the entire White House staff were becoming infected.  Virus denying Trump has become Super Spreader Trump!  Then suddenly the asshole discharged himself from Walter Reed and took a helicopter ride home to the White House.  It was while watching Trump making his Mussolini-like appearance on the balcony, and waving to the camera and ripping of his mask to prove his manliness, that I began to believe this moron was sick.

I have COPD/asthma and I am at high risk for COVID-19.  When I saw Trump struggling to breath through pursed lips, while his chest was heaving in and out gasping for air, it brought back memories of two years ago when I was stricken with the flu and fought for every breath. Even watching Trump fight for air caused me to be more aware of my own labored breathing.  I knew he was sick. Very sick.

Even though I hate the fat bastard I do not wish the worst for him.  And this is extremely difficult for me as I have watched Trump call this pandemic a hoax, ridicule those who intelligently and cautiously wore masks and followed the CDC guidelines. It is his own fault that he got sick and I am not going to feel sorry for him.

Today Trump announced that he is "feeling great", even though that feeling of euphoria is mostly like a side effect of the drugs he is taking.  Those same drugs that were denied to all of those Americans that are now suffering from the virus and those who have lost their lives to the virus.  Amazing what paying $750 a year in taxes can buy! What is unconscionable is him saying he may be be immune and intimating that those who suffered and died are weaker than him!  So the over 210,000 Americans who have died from the Trump virus are suckers and losers just like those who served and died for their country!

I am thoroughly pissed off hearing that Trump supporters are upset because the rest of us are not showing him more sympathy and are  hoping for the worse for him.  I do not feel sorry for him, nor do I wish he dies.  I want him to suffer. I want him to get better. I want him to lose the election in the largest landlside in American history. I want him to be tried and convicted of all the crimes he has committed. And then I want him to lose everything he has and spend the rest of his hateful, corrupt, narcissistic miserable life in prison.

Tonight he just ended any hopes the millions of Americans suffering from the effects of the pandemic may have had for some relief by refusing to cooperate with Congress for a stimulus package.  According to his statement, "until after he wins the election".  He's one sick evil bastard! He deserves to suffer, for all of the suffering he has caused.

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