What About My Freedoms?


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I'm so sick and tired of all the morons whining about their freedoms being taken away by being asked to wear a mask when in public or getting a vaccination. They wear a mask on Halloween or at their local KKK rallies.  They cover their bodies with tattoos without knowing what substances are in the ink.  They eat fast food without knowing what the ingredients are.  They attended elementary and high schools after receiving the mandatory vaccinations against polio, the MMR vaccination, and others. They take drugs intended to rid dogs and horses of intestinal parasites.  They drink bleach and drink their own urine as recommended by right-wing idiots who couldn't pass high school biology. Yet they're terrified to take a vaccine developed by some of the world's preeminent immunologists and refuse to wear a piece of cloth over their face to protect their fellow citizens and even their own family members.

Because of these misinformed, deranged cult members, the pandemic continues to rage.  Unvaccinated people are dying every day and they continue to resist the only remedy available to save their lives. They openly fight, sometimes violently the administration of the life-saving vaccines.  They attack those very people who are risking their lives to save the rest of us.  They have even threatened the lives of Dr. Fauci and his family members, after listening to the lies and conspiracy theories being pushed by low lives like Rand Paul.

And when these miscreants do become sick with Covid, the first thing they do is rush to the hospital seeking treatment from the very people they have demonized.  It's not only hypocritical, but it is almost criminal, denying care and hospital rooms to those people who need help for situations not related to Covid.

Who are these selfish bastards that are so afraid of losing their freedoms?  We all know who they are.   They are the same ones who are fighting against voting rights, especially for Blacks and other minorities. They are the same ones who are fighting to take away a woman's reproductive rights. They are the same ones who want to destroy same-sex marriage and deny rights to the LGBTQ community.  They are the same ones who staunchly oppose immigrants.  Whether they know it or not they are the ones, through their cultish beliefs and behaviors, who support an authoritarian form of government over democracy.  Hopefully, despite their ignorance, we will survive the pandemic. Whether or not our democracy survives their presence in our electorate is another question.

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