Nail Fungus Cure - You Gotta Be Kidding Me!

Sooner or later we all will probably suffer from fingernail or toenail fungus and search for remedies to cure it.  We will soon discover that anything we can find over the counter simply doesn't work.  Then we find out that our doctor can prescribe a medication for the fungus, but we will have to have our blood tested periodically because the medication can destroy our liver.  So we just give up and hope the fungal infection disappears.

The other night I was watching television and saw an ad for a prescription medication, Jublia,  that cures toenail fungus without the dangers of liver disease. I was curious since this was the first time I can remember seeing an ad for a prescription medication that cures nail fungus. So I Googled Jublia and found out that it apparently works after about 48 weeks.

I then checked GoodRx to see how much Jublia would cost.  The cost, without insurance, ranges between $678 and $715.  Most insurances will not cover the drug as it is considered an optional or cosmetic treatment.  Medicare plans vary in regards to whether or not it is covered, but the cost is still steep.  According to an article in the Seattle Times, a bottle lasts about one week, so the cost of a complete 48-week treatment would be well over $20,000 a year!

Isn't the American healthcare system great?

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